I was skeptical and hesitant to even try it. Well, my wife and I had them tonight and Loved it. Good Heavens..... you've got a new customer!


Gadre Marine consists of a first class team with genuinely good people representing an excellent product line. I’m thrilled to call them a business partner of mine as their family business has the same mindset as we do. We both take care of our customers as if they are our own family. Most importantly, they stand behind their words and have proven to ship product timely and with consistency each and every order.

David Bielski
Nature’s Best Seafood

Your super crab legs are fantastic. When I can get them I eat 2 or 3 at least 2 times a day. My problem is finding it to buy. I live in Boise ID. Sometimes Frey Meyers (grocery store) carry your wonderful product but only as a seafood deli option. I would love to buy more.